Q: Can I curl or straighten my hair extensions?

mâché PROFESSIONAL hair extensions are 100% human remy hair and can be treated just like your natural hair however we recommend to use a heat protect styling product when styling excessively to reduce damage to your hair extensions.

Q: How often should I wash my extensions?

Washing your hair extensions is dependent on your individual lifestyle. If possible it is not recommended to wash your hair extensions every day as this removes the natural oils and moisture. For more information on washing your hair extensions and after care procedures download our after care information sheet.

Q: How do I know which attachment will work best for me?

There are many different types of attachments available in mâché PROFESSIONAL range and the right hair extensions for you will depend on a number of factors.

Q: Can I colour my hair extensions?

mâché PROFESSIONAL hair extensions are manufactured with as little chemical treating or colouring as possible to allow them to be coloured at later stages. As a general rule hair extensions can be coloured lighter to darker but not darker to lighter and always visit your professional hair stylist for best results.

Q: How many extensions will I need?

mâché PROFESSIONAL permanent hair extensions are sold in ‘half head’ packs. (50 i-tip extensions and 20 tape extensions per pack) If you are unsure, it is best to consult your local mâché PROFESSIONAL hair salon stockist.

Q: What types of hair extension attachments are available?

mâché PROFESSIONAL has two different types of permanent hair extensions, i-tip, which can be used with micro rings, copper tubes, and shrink tubes; and tape weft hair extensions. mâché PROFESSIONAL also has a range of clip in extensions, which are easily applied on an individual or daily basis depending on owner desire.

Q: How do I choose my colour?

mâché PROFESSIONAL has a variety of natural hair colours available - click here to see the mâché PROFESSIONAL colour chart.

Remember that you can always blend colours to reach your desired colour and as mâché PROFESSIONAL hair extensions are all 100% human you can also colour your extensions to match exactly.

Q: How often should I get my extensions moved up?

This will depend on what type of attachment you have used and the growth speed of your natural hair.  It is best to consult your stylist as they will know your hair and provide you with a personalized time guide.  (link to hair extension time guide)

Q: How long will my extensions last?

All mâché PROFESSIONAL hair extensions are re-usable and some clients can re-use their hair extensions for up to 12months as long as you follow your stylist’s advice after care procedures. This includes having your extensions services regularly to avoid matting and damage to your extensions.